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DocAnalysis can help you find legal errors and violations in your mortgage.  This can increase your leverage for loan modification and can help in knowing whether litigation against your lender will pay off.

Not sure where to start? We offer a free initial consultation, then most commonly the next step is a detailed forensic assessment for just $249. After that review, we will give you a consultation.  The next step would be to invest in our comprehensive examination ($1249 additional, or $1499 if you skip right to this) in preparation for litigation and/or negotiation. In almost all cases, having this report can help you get resolution, and avoid litigation.

Knowing the crucial facts your lender hopes you never learn could save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and potentially even over one million dollars over the life of the loan for larger loan amounts. Our examiners have over three decades of experience helping people save money with mortgages, and can help you.

Take the first step now.  Invest just $249 into finding what is hidden in your mortgage documents.   Get started here.

Prefer to talk to us in person first? Contact our team using the form on the right, or just call us – we’re happy to help.

Recent Testimonials…

“In 2011, our family began a search for help regarding our mortgage. We were in hardship and were led to DocAnalysis and Michael Wood. This man began a diligent effort to help us. He made what was a very stressful situation, a hopeful one. Through his efforts, violations were discovered in our documents. Michael has continued after all this time to hang in there with us, and is determined to see this through with us. We have found him to be a man of integrity, and indeed someone we can honestly recommend. He is an encourager, and you know he has your back.

 Without a doubt, we know that Michael is pulling for us to have a good outcome with our bank, one that would not ever have been possible without the DocAnalysis document discoveries.”


09/22/2012 Terry & Cindy H., LaCenter, WA

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